Quinoa-Hair Growth & Moisturizer

Quinoa-Hair Growth & Moisturizer
Browse the aisles of any health food store or organic grocer and you will see that quinoa is everywhere! People have discovered the miracle properties of this superfood and are enjoying the benefits of using it  in their diet. However, many people don’t actually know precisely what it is about this superfood that makes it so popular- they just know it’s having “a moment!”

Quinoa-Hair Growth & Moisturizer

Quiona Plant

So WHY? is quinoa Pronounced (Keen-wa) so good for you?
Quinoa-Hair Growth & Moisturizer
To answer that, we have broken down the science of this healthy ingredient. Quinoa is a protein. Specifically, due to something called its amino acid profile. Quinoa is widely recognized as a  “complete protein,” since it contains high levels of all eight of the essential amino acids including: Cysteine, Cystine, Lysine, Methionine, Tryptophane and Tyrosine.
In fact, among its grainy “relatives,” Quinoa has the highest level of protein to be found. But quinoa isn’t just an amazing part of a healthy diet. Quinoa Hair Care This concentration means that quinoa is beneficial for the repair, protection, and conditioning of both hair and skin. That’s why our skin and hair care are formulated with this healing protein. Quinoa-Hair Growth & Moisturizer
The unique molecular Weight of Quinoa providesenhanced penetration for the hair and skin to nourish along with film forming activity for greater repair Quinoa Hair- Skin Care hydration, and shine from or Quinoa protein is hydrolyzed from the Quinoa grain, through an enzymatic process. 
Quinoa for HAIR CARE

Do you wish your hair was smoother….silkier? Don’t settle for products that coat the hair with wax and silicas – these just provide temporary “shine” without actually improving the health of your hair. Our Quinoa formulas form a protective barrier around the hair that blocks pollutants, retains moisture, and supplies important nutrients.

 The true benefit of quinoa protein is that your pet’s hair will be protected from the cuticle up resulting in enhanced damage repair. You will see an improvement in the manageability, condition and luster of your hair.



  • Surface:
    • used at 1%, for one treatment – 16% reduction in damaged areas
    • used at 1%, for five treatments – 32% reduction in damaged areas
  • Cortex (penetration results)
    • used at 1%, for five treatments – 26% reduction in damaged areas
  • used at 1%, after one treatment – 27% reduction in stress
  • used at 1%, after five treatments – 79%
  • used at 1%, after one treatment – 5% reduction in stress
  • used at 1%, after five treatments – 83%
  • used at 1%, after one treatment – 12% increase
  • used at 1%, after five treatments – 30%